Online Boredom Busters for Teens



  • Chess Is Fun Want to learn how to play chess? Want to learn how to play a bit better? Here are some fairly easy “lessons.”
  • Chinook Computer generated Checkers. This is a very tough game.
  • Club Lego The Games page for cool web games and activities based on LEGO products.
  • Cool Quiz Trivia contests, lots of weird facts.
  • CyberTeens The internet's #1 online community for the world's youth.
  • Daily Sudoku Fans of this popular game will enjoy a new puzzle challenge daily. Different levels and patterns.
  • Discovery School's Puzzlemaker A fun and easy puzzle generation tool for all ages that allows users to create and print customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your own word lists.
  • GoToFreeGames Test your brain with logic puzzles.
  • Guinness World Records Check out the web version of the most famous record book.
  • Imagination Café Lots of fun quizzes, recipes and articles on careers, animals, history, sports, science, and more!
  • It’s Your Turn Online games like checkers, backgammon, chess, and much more!
  • Puzzle Choose from crosswords, word searches, word play games, logic and number puzzles and more.
  • Real Arcade The best games, made easy.
  • Squigly's Playhouse Look here for games, crafts, jokes, brainteasers and more.
  • U.S. Chess Online! This is the Chess Federation site and includes beginning lessons in chess.
  • Zoom Activities Full of craft ideas, games, and experiments.


  • J-14 #1 magazine for celebrity news for teens. Include quizzes and questionnaires, glossy posters, and fashion tips and tricks.
  • Mad Magazine The longest running humor magazine in America.
  • Seventeen Fashion, beauty, dating, and career advice to teens.
  • Sports Illustrated The latest news in sports.
  • Teen Ink  A magazine for teens, written by teens.
  • Teen People Celebrity news, videos, photos, and quizzes on popular stars
  • Teen Voices Teen girls create the content for the print and online versions of the magazine in the Boston-based journalism mentoring and leadership development program called Teen Voices.
  • Teen Vogue Fashion, beauty, and celebrity articles for the stylist teen.
  • Thrasher Articles, videos, and more for skateboarders.
  • Twist Fashion, celebrity news, quizzes.


  • Guitar Gods Wacky site with twirling guitars and information on rock performers.
  • Muze Sound clips, album details, artist biographies, or search by song, artist, composer, etc.
  • Pandora Internet radio lets you listen to your favorite artists and suggestons new artists you might like.
  • Songfile Remember the lyrics, but not the song title?  Search here.
  • Young Composers Music written by teens.