Resolution Head Start

December 15 - February 28

A chance to win one of several fabulous Grand Prizes like Oregon Pool membership!

Resolution Head Start challenges people of all ages to try new things, to pick up a healthy habit or two, and to help each other as a community. 

Print off your Activity Sheet.

How does the program work?

  • You can do the challenge as an individual or as group/family. If you work as a group/family, each member submits their own grand prize entry slip. The challenge is for all ages!
  • You earn an entry slip to the Grand Prize Drawing when you complete one activity or multiple activities at least five (5) times.
    Examples:  I found 2 new recipes, tried 2 new exercise classes, and helped my neighbor shovel. I did 5 activities and earned one entry slip. OR I was active for an hour 5 times this week. I did 5 activities and earned one entry slip.
  • You can submit your entries two ways: Submit a slip online OR fill out an entry slip on the activity sheet and return to a drop-off location.
  • Drop-off locations for entry slips: Oregon Area Senior Center, Oregon Public Library, Oregon Pool or District Office, or online.
  • You can turn in as many slips as you want during the challenge.
  • Find information, ideas, and inspirations from the partners of the Oregon Area Wellness Coalition (OAWC) on Facebook @OAWCWI


Oregon-Brooklyn Wellness Expo

Saturday, January 13th
9 AM - Noon
Oregon High School

Learn what local organizations and businesses have to offer for you.  The Expo is organized by the Oregon Area Wellness Coalition (OAWC).

Free health screenings! Free Services! Free Activities! Door Prizes!