Rubber Ducky Club

The Rubber Ducky Club helps build early literacy skills in children by encouraging a love of language and books. Studies have shown that babies, toddlers, and preschoolers with an environment rich in sounds, letters  and listening to books enter school ready to learn!

We will help you focus on the six Early Literacy Skills:

  • I Hear Words
  • I Like Books
  • I Know Letters
  • I See Words
  • I Know Words
  • I Can Tell a Story

How it works:

  1. This program is for children birth to 3.
  2. Registration starts Monday, June 8. Register at the Library or online. Print instructions and activity sheets.
  3. Pick up or print the two Activity Sheets.
  4. Color in the duck when you do an activity.  Do each activity as often as possible and have fun! 
  5. Complete one Activity Sheet and get a rubber ducky. 
  6. Complete two Activity Sheets and get a free book! 
  7. For every Activity Sheet completed, $.10 will be donated to the Oregon/Brooklyn Food Pantry.
  8. Please return all sheets by August 15 to receive your prizes.