New Library Plans

Preliminary plans for the new Oregon Public Library are now available! Features such as a community room, quiet reading room and study rooms have us very excited for the new library! This vision is intended to provide the broad concepts for the new library to show the overall direction. The new library design will continue to evolve as our team explores how to make it the best library for our community; there will most definitely be changes as we move forward. 

A capital campaign is in progress to raise the additional funds needed. Then the next design phase will begin which will involve planning all of the details which will make the new library warm and welcoming.

Questions? Please contact Jennifer Endres Way, Library Director, at 608-835-2322 or

Feedback? Please complete our new Library Plans Feedback Form.

View from Main St. heading south.

Conceptual view from street.

View from Main St. heading south in the evening.

Conceptual view from street in the evening.

View from Johnson St. side approaching the building.

Conceptual view approaching the building.

View from Main St. heading south.

View of entrance approaching the building.

Preliminary First Floor Plan

Preliminary Second Floor Plan

Library Plans Feedback Form

Please use the form below to share your comments on the plans for the new library. Our plans are early in the design process and will continue to be refined to best meet our community's needs.

Because the plans are only conceptual at this point, many of the details are only illustrative. Details of important amenities like location of shelving, seating, computers, landscaping, sidewalks, etc. will be determined during the next design phase. Some of these have been included as placeholders for illustrative purposes only.