Author Visit - Death of Stacey

Oregon Area Senior Center, 219 Park St.

A learning event for adults. Watch the recording on YouTube.

Meet Kelly Maloney Kornaus, the author of The Death of Stacey. Kelly had a lifelong ambition to write a book. But real life takes many twists and turns, and dreams often get pushed to the end of the line of priorities. The Death of Stacey is Kelly’s first novel submitted for publication; a crime novel set in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where she lived before settling down in Oregon, Wisconsin in 1984. Currently, The Death of Stacey is available at Bill’s Food Center (Oregon WI), Kismet Books (Verona WI), and in ebook and paperback. After several requests for a sequel to The Death of Stacey, Kelly has begun her second Lauren Murphy novel.

This novel is a cozy mystery set in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The story begins with the funeral of Stacey Hansen, Lauren Murphy’s lifelong best friend. That kind of longtime, emotional bond never ends. Even death cannot break that close connection they share. When the police determined Stacey’s death was an accident, Lauren knew deep in her heart that her dearest friend’s death was not simply an unfortunate car vs. pedestrian accident. She could feel it in her heart and soul. Stacey had been distracted. Something had been bothering her lately. Something so serious that she could not bring herself to talk to Lauren about it. That was not like Stacey. The day Stacey planned to meet Lauren and discuss her troubles, was the very day she met her fate. She had many questions about the death and took her concerns to the police. The police could not answer any of her questions and still stood firm in their ruling. They refused to reopen the investigation. Case closed. Since they would not investigate it more thoroughly, Lauren must take it upon herself to prove that Stacey’s death was not an accident. It was murder, she was sure. And she was determined to prove it.

6:30-7 pm Author Presentation

  • The author presentation will also live stream on cable access and the recording will be available after the event on YouTube.

7-8 pm Book Signing & Sales

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  • $10.55 cash or check

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Author Visit Death of Stacey