Paranormal Wisconsin


A learning event for adults held via Zoom. This event is closed. The recording the event and it will be posted on our YouTube channel later this week.

This presentation by Chad Lewis ( takes the audience on a ghostly journey to some of the most bizarre places in Wisconsin. Visit a witch cemetery in Ripon and a haunted hotel in Milwaukee. Hear about phantom creatures prowling the woods, back road creatures, and UFOs hovering in the sky. There is no place in Wisconsin is without its own haunting!

Find out where you can:

  • See possessed statues come to life
  • Pick up a vanishing hitchhiker
  • Get chased by hellhounds
  • Visit crop formations
  • Spend the night in a cursed hotel
  • Many many more... 

If you have questions or need special accommodations at this event contact Kara at (608) 835-6268 or

The program is made possible through funding from the Friends of the Oregon Library.

Paranormal Wisconsin with Chad Lewis