Make Money Decluttering: Selling Things Online

A learning event for adults. No registration required.

Has Marie Kondo inspired you to live more simply? Minimalism can help the environment, save you money and time, and benefit your mental health. 

In this class, learn the basics of selling your underutilized belongings online. The class will introduce and compare the major online selling platforms. The focus will be on eBay and you will leave the class with the skills and confidence to sell just about anything around your house. This class will be flexible depending on the experience level of the audience so feel free to join if you are ready for more than eBay 101! 

About the Instructor:
Brianna Williams made the foray into the world of online marketplaces when she was downsizing before a move. Once she realized how easy it was to make some extra money on her own schedule, her own way, she was hooked! She has over 7 years of online selling experience on a variety of platforms. She is passionate about the green benefits of reuse, the joy of treasure hunting, the financial empowerment of a side income, and the peace of mind decluttering can bring. Feel free to contact her at with any questions.  


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