A Way Back into Writing: 5 Strategies to Return to Your Writing

Thursday, October 29, 2020 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

A learning event for adults. Class held via Zoom. Registration required.

If you are considering attending this free presentation, that is a sure sign that this material is for you — a writer who may have lost their way. 

The presenter, Julie Tallard Johnson, is the author of 11 books with 2 more in the works (that she previously walked away from). Julie has lost her way to writing many, many times and in this 1.5 hour presentation, she will share what you need to return to and continue writing. Whether you are journal writing, finishing up a novel, or have an idea for a memoir — these techniques will help you return to the empty page (or computer screen). Respond to that inner calling that says, “Write!” Start with giving yourself this free class!  

If you have questions or need special accommodations at events contact Kara at (608) 835-6268 or kripley@oregonlibrary.org.

The program is made possible through funding from the Friends of the Oregon Library.

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