Witnessing Whiteness


A learning event for adults. The class is full. Email kripley@oregonlibrary.org to join the waitlist. The series is limited to 18 participants. The class will meet online via Zoom from 5:30-7:30 pm on Tuesdays from February 2nd to April 6th

Join us for a 10-week workshop focused on the book Witnessing Whiteness: The Need to Talk About Race and How to Do It by Shelly Tochluk, facilitated by Gera Raymond and Ruth Meyer. 

This series is designed for white people to initiate and forward anti-racism work. We will connect the book with dialog and experiential activities, by exploring the white experience. Goals of the series are to build a community with a shared understanding of privilege, whiteness, and racism; increase your ability to begin, support, and progress racial justice work; and develop leadership capacity around issues of diversity, inclusion and race.

To really understand and ultimately address how whiteness affects racism, a strong commitment to attendance is needed. We ask that you only miss a maximum of 2 classes and attendance at the first and last class are required. Please let us know if you plan to miss any classes.

Books will be available for registered participants to check. Please read chapter 1 ("Naming the Problem") ahead of the first session.

If you have questions or need special accommodations at events contact Kara at (608) 835-6268 or kripley@oregonlibrary.org.

Witnessing Whiteness