Parent Book Study

Oregon Youth Center, 110 N Oak St

NEW START DATE - February 3!

Registration required. Free. For parents/guardians of preschoolers to age 18.

Held at the Oregon Youth Center (OYC) at 110 N. Oak St. 

Interested in a book study with other parents/guardians that will focus on moving away from rewards and consequences, supporting autonomy in your child, developing empathy, self awareness and more?  

A traditional way of shaping a child’s behavior in our society is based on approaches that lean on rewards and consequences. In this class, we will read and discuss excerpts from 4 different books that look at the limits of this approach, examining approaches that take into account the feelings and thoughts that are beneath our child’s behavior; explore science-based ways to build connection between adult and child; allow your child greater autonomy (without making it too scary or overwhelming for you or for them); help your child grown in empathy; and ultimately support them in knowing themselves better. The class will be particularly helpful for families with children who push back on traditional rewards/consequences approaches and may even appear defiant.

The books we are using are all available for check out at the Oregon Public Library.

Weekly reading (excerpts) will be from the following books. This is the order and session they will be discussed:

  1. Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason by Alfie Kohn

  2. The Self Driven Child by William Stixrud, PhD and Ned Johnson

  3. What to Say to Kids When Nothing Seems to Work by Adele Lafrance, PhD and Ashley Miller, MD

  4. Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety by Dr. John Duffy

This opportunity is a collaboration between the Oregon Public Library and Community Education & Recreation!

Questions or need accommodations? Contact Kelly Allen at