2021 LEGO Creation Entries

Read the story behind the entries of the 2021 Virtual LEGO Creations.

Thank you to all the Creators for sharing your creativity and imagination with us! 

Grades K-1

WINNER of K-1 Category: Skyscaper Home by Hananah

I made a skyscraper home for my minifig, whose name is Hannah. I wanted it to be very colorful. The flames are kind of like lights for when it’s dark. I made a pink and purple truck with a truck bed that transforms. It can be taken off and the roof can pop off. There’s a pet frog inside too.

LEGO City by Elias

This is lego city. The "kid who is always up to something" is climbing up the building. The movie theatre at the top of the building is playing Toy Story 1. There's a museum in the building and a park at the bottom of the building. There's more than 8 floors in the building. 

Sand Dune Racer by Brecken

I built a sand dune racer. 

Grades 2-3

WINNER of Grades 2-3 Category: Semi Truck and Trailer by Camden

I've created a semi truck and trailer. The semi truck has lots of fun features including a crane,  lights, gates, and even a license plate.  The trailer has a ramp and is large so it can haul many vehicles, but as you can see in the photos it's currently hauling cargo crates. 

Nature Explorer by Gabe

My nature explorer has everything.  It has big tires, a navigation computer (see the passenger seat -Dad) and a safety grill guard so it can go deep into the woods. The top opens so that you can get air. There's a kitchen and bed in the back of the truck. And everything can be stored in the trailer.

Policeman's Nature Explorer by Eli

This is my policeman's nature explorer. It has really big tires and can go anywhere.  It has flashing lights on the front and sides. Its big enough that you can sleep in the back.

Robot Dog Named Chase by Noah

This is a robot dog whose name is Chase. He is very polite and loves to say the words please and thank you. He is remote controlled and he loves to deliver messages to people. His favorite food is hot dogs. The yellow thing on his neck is his collar and the paper that says "Chase" is his name tag. 

Fun Pool by Kingston

"My creation is called the “Fun Pool." In this creation we have some people playing in the pool, diving off the diving board and of course a life guard on duty! The other area is for relaxing , catching sun and parking your vehicles." 

A Model of Dude Perfect by Easton

This is a model of Dude Perfect. They are a group on YouTube that make videos of trick shots. In my model I have some people playing pool, someone playing hockey, a zip line, one person playing ping pong, golf and some people working out. This is their warehouse where they make videos. 

Grades 4-6

WINNER of Grades 4-6 Category: Outboard Motorboat and Trailer by Liam

This is my outboard motorboat and trailer. There's two outboard motors, and a fully moving trolling motor in the front.  Taking the top off you can see lots of fish, fishing poles and skis.  The trailer comes with tie-downs for the boat and a moving trailer jack. It's big enough to go on Lake Superior. 

LEGO Mario World by Will

I created a LEGO Mario world.  Mario needs to defeat LEGO Spiny and a Goomba before he can pass through Bowser’s lair and defeat Bowser. After defeating Bowser, Mario jumps onto the flag to finish the world. 

Hubble Telescope by Ethan

I made the Hubble telescope because I am really interested in space. I looked at a picture of it and built what I saw because I thought it would be a challenge. Some of of my Lego Hubble telescope features are movable solar panels, so they can get light and stay powered. Also,the door on the front can open and close. I tried to make it as realistic as possible so it looked just like the actual Hubble telescope.

Water Ride Theme Park called "Rutter River" by Carson

This is a water ride theme park called “Rutter River”.   The chain of boats is a popular ride. The controller of the ride sits near the entrance and exit of the ride with the ride controls and walkie-talkie. The entrance of the theme park at the archway has snack tables, balloons, and a map of the theme park. There is a parking lot and a gift shop. 

Imperial Shuttle from Star Wars by Kasper

I made this creation after I watched star wars, so this will be kind of like a star wars ship. This is an imperial shuttle  ready to take of to destroy other ships in the clone wars. 

Teen & Adult

WINNER of Teen and Adult Category: LEGO City Plaza by Sage

This is the Lego city plaza, There are many things happening on this average day like all the teenage mutant ninja turtles just finished a lunch at papa Luigi's pizza restaurant and there spider man climbing on his web. This city has a lab, homes, police station, fisherman wharf, haunted carnival, pizza restaurant, store, a dock area, beach bank, school and more.There are many people that live here Elmo, buzz light year, homer Simpson,sponge bob, Oscar, hulk and so much more faces you will recognize!so come on down to the city plaza! 

Puzzle Boxes and Safes by Sam

I created puzzle boxes/safes.  Box:  1) you need to remove two pieces to push out the last drawer, which has an M&M in it. 2) you need to pull out a key and insert it back into the box.  A drawer will pop out. 3) this safe requires colors instead of numbers to open it. 4) you need to insert the key into the hole, pull out a secret panel, then a secret drawer will come out. 

Traveler Searching for Special Gold Goblet by Josiah

There once was a traveler who wanted to find a special gold goblet that was rumored to be deep in the wilderness. He set off with a pack bag and hope for the great goblet. He looked and looked for many days under every rock in every bush till he came across a place with a beautiful waterfall, a magical fruit tree and birds singing. He stopped to admire the place when he noticed a cave with something shining in it. He quickly ran in and crawled till at last he had the goblet. When he took the goblet from its place a rock from the top of the cave fell on his feet and he couldn't move and that is where he still lies today. 

Family Home by Scott

When our family lived in Cincinnati, we lived in an beautiful old house, built in 1929.  It was well maintained throughout the years, and we were only the 3rd family to live in it even thought it was 75 years old.  While we only lived there for 7 years, it was the house where our 3 children enjoyed their younger years.  So, after we moved back to Wisconsin, I always wanted to build a replica of this house out of Legos.  After several attempts, I was able to get the proportions about right, along with the right colors and roof angles.  The picture has minifigures of our family standing in front of the house.  

Team & Family

WINNER of Team and Family Category: Robot Pandas from Outer Space by Team W

Robot pandas from outer space have landed in their flying saucer (back left) to take over the real pandas jungle! A large mecha-panda is trampling through the forest while a 2 headed panda and a 3 eyed panda wait on the ship. Meanwhile, to protect their forest, three real panda have banded together and built a base in the form of an ancient temple and an island fort.

The Among Us map "The Skeld" by Team Y

This is our Lego version of the Among Us map ‘The Skeld.’ The Skeld is a spaceship that travels through space to deliver things to the Planet Polus. The farthest room on the left is the Reactor. Inside the reactor, one of our characters is starting it up. That is important because the Reactor keeps the ship up and running. 

Directly to the right of the Reactor, there is a hallway that leads to three other rooms. Go up from there and you get to the Upper Engine. Inside someone is accepting some power that was sent from electrical. 

If you go down the hallway from there you’ll get to the Lower Engine. The two engines keep the ship flying smoothly. 

The last room by the hallway is security. Inside, someone is watching the security cams from the computer. One is right outside the security entrance. 

From the Upper Engine there is a hallway to the right. There is a security cam viewing the entrance to the Medbay from the hallway. The Medbay is where people go to get medical treatment if they are hurt. If we look inside… OH NO!!!!! Someone is getting killed by an Imposter! Imposters are shape-shifting Aliens that sneak in and sabotage ships. There seems to be two other Imposters on board right now.

The room below the Medbay is Electrical. Electrical is the room that controls the wiring and keeps the lights (and the ship) working right. Inside right now-THERE IS ANOTHER IMPOSTER! And he’s killing someone! How will the ship get the correct power now?

There is a hallway at the bottom of Electrical. Go left and you get to the Lower Engine. Go right and you are in Storage. Storage is the room where they store stuff in the ship. Inside, someone is emptying garbage out of storage.

Above Storage, there is a hallway. In the middle of the hallway, you can go right. Then you are in Admin (Administration). The Admin room keeps track of where everybody is. Inside, someone is… GETTING KILLED! That must be where the last Imposter is! There is a cam viewing the hallway outside the Admin.

The room above Admin is the Cafeteria. That is where the crew eats their food. Someone is emptying more waste and trash in there. In the center, there is an Emergency Button. It calls a meeting so the crew can decide if they want to eject someone.

To the right of the Cafeteria is the Weapons room. That is where they keep weapons and shoot asteroids so the ship doesn’t crash into them and explode. Someone is doing that now.

Underneath Weapons is another hallway. Go to the left from there and you are in O2 (Oxygen). That room controls the oxygen levels inside the ship. If it was sabotaged, the air would come out of the ship. Inside someone is cleaning the filters so they get clean air.

To the right and down the hallway, there is another small room. That is Navigation (Nav). The Navigation room is what controls the flight path of the ship. Inside, someone is steering the ship. Outside, there is the last security cam.

Down the hallway from Navigation is the Shields room. The Shields room is where the ships shields are powered. Inside, someone is priming the shields so they work right. Someone else is watching them do it. The shields help protect the ship if it crashes.

And finally, a bit to the left of Shields and down, is the Comms (Communication) room. The Comms room is what the crew uses to know what to do. The Comms room sends them data.


(Green) Someone walks into the prison and says “I’d like to see Robert in cell 1” “ok” says the Chief. Robert and the person talked for 1 hour “Bye Robert” “bye” said Robert.

(Blue) LUNCHTIME! Robert, Susan and Flamore were eating lunch when Jack Jack said “eat healthy, yum lunch is good”.

(Red) “Let’s escape” said Robert “ok” said Flamore. They made a button so they pressed it and BOOM! “Let’s go” said Flamore. They saw a car craft and flew away. “Hey” yelled the Chief “HAHAHA” yelled Robert and Flamore. (1 prisoner remaining) “OMG they escaped” Susan ran to the escape pod and took off. “GET BACK HERE” yelled Chief “Never” yelled Susan. (0 prisoners remaining)


Marble Maze by Team H

This is a marble maze we created.  We have made multiple obstacles and jumps that will hinder your path and result in the ball falling out returning to the start.

LEGO WWE by Team J 

This is a creation thought of by Michael, age 10. He wanted to show his love of WWE. The whole family contributed, but it was mainly Michael and his mom. There are many details to check out. The firey entrance shows the Chairman, Mr. McMahon, sending out security guards to stop the mayhem. Sheamus, on the TV Truck, is doing a "Bro-kick" to the Old Man. In the ring, Undertaker is doing an "Elbow Drop" to Safari Jeff on the table, while on the top rope, Jeff Hardy is doing a "Swan-Time Bomb" to Tiger King, and on the opposite corner, The Fiend is doing a "Power-Bomb" to the Hooded Hood. In the bottom right corner, there is King Corbin stabbing Captain Insano on the rail. Next to them, there is Mad Scientist doing a "Moonsault" onto Big Bossman on the outside. In the left stand, there is Robin doing a "Spanish Fly" off the stands to the outside. TV Cameras are capturing the show while the announcers are screaming "Oh My God!!!