Name the Library Lion and Tiger Contest

One day a Lion and Tiger appeared at the Library. They were so nice and loved books so much that we asked them to stay and be our library mascots. 

From June 7th to June 21st, people of all ages can suggest names for the Lion and Tiger.  Then library staff will review the suggestions and select the top five names for each the Lion and the Tiger. 

To enter Round One: Either submit an entry via this Google Form, or print or pick up at the library a paper entry form (PDF or JPEG) .

Need to submit entries by Monday, June 21st!

From June 28th to July 7th, everyone votes on their favorite name for our new mascots. Winning name will be announced on July 8th. The person who suggested the winning name will win $20 in Chamber Bucks (a gift certificate good at many Oregon businesses). If multiple people suggest the winning name, then we will have a drawing from those names.

Questions? Please email Kelly Allen at

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