Engaging, Growing, Learning Capital Campaign

A Message from the Campaign Co-Chairs

The Oregon Public Library has provided top quality services to our community since its founding in 1910! Now, there is a growing sense of anticipation and excitement about the coming of our new library. The current library has served us well for nearly 25 years, but it has become outdated, too small to handle current demands, and is in need of modernization.

The Library Board of Trustees has joined forces with the Oregon Village Board to create a plan for building a new library. The Village has approved $10 million towards this goal. The library has embarked upon the Engaging, Growing and Learning Capital Campaign and community members have donated more than $2.1 million to help build the new library. 

We hope you enjoy learning more about this exciting project. Please join with us in working together to make our new Oregon library a reality for our community members. 

Engaging Growing Learning


The library continues to play a critical role in each of our lives. It is the cornerstone of our community, and it is a place where we can come together to enjoy exciting activities, work on projects, learn together and enhance our relationships.


At the heart of our vision is the library’s commitment to public service and its mission to meet the collective and individual needs for information and entertainment to enrich the lives of our rapidly growing community.


The library is the only place in many communities where people can access information that will help improve their education, develop new skills, find jobs, build businesses, make informed agricultural and health decisions, or gain insights into environmental issues. Their unique role makes libraries important development partners, both by providing access to information in all formats and by delivering services and programs that meet the needs for information in a changing and increasingly complex society.

With your support the Oregon Public Library will continue to serve the needs of our community, improve the lives of our children and help guide Oregon to a brighter future!


Jenny Nelson and Randy Glysch, Campaign Co-Chairs
Oregon Public Library Capital Campaign