Answers to frequently asked questions about the new library are listed below.  Please contact Jennifer Endres Way, Library Director, at 608-835-2322 for any additional questions. 

Where will the new library be built?

The new Oregon Public Library will be built at 200 N. Alpine Parkway, across the street from the Oregon Area Food Pantry and near the intersection with Oregon Parks Avenue.  Previously, this property was owned by the Oregon School District (OSD) and had been planned for a future school.  The Village reacquired this property from OSD in August 2020. 

What does this mean for the existing walking & biking path?

The existing walking & biking path will remain where it is now.  An additional section of path is planned to be added around the library for those who wish to walk or bike on the path without having to cross the library driveway. 

What is the status of this project? 

The Library Board and Village Board are working together on this exciting community project!  Our community has amazingly donated more than $2.28 million in funds for the new library in addition to the generous support provided by the Village of Oregon.  The bid for the project has been awarded to the low-bidder, Tri-North Builders (Fitchburg, WI). Construction will begin in November 2022.

What will happen to the existing library building?

The existing library property belongs to the Village of Oregon.  The Village will consider options for how to use the property once the library has relocated.

Is it still possible to donate?

Yes!  We will continue to accept donations and pledges for the project in 2022 at any time.  You can donate here

If I make a gift now, will I still be recognized as a campaign donor for recognition purposes?

Yes.  Gifts and pledges made now will still be included in donor recognition opportunities. 

I already made a gift.  Can I still add to my donation so I can be included on the donor recognition wall? 

Yes! Gifts are recognized at the combined total of all gifts and installments made by that donor.  For example, if you made a gift previously and would like to contribute an additional amount in 2022, your gift would be listed at the donor recognition level corresponding with the total of all gifts made.  Gifts totaling $1,000 or more will be included on the donor recognition wall.

When will the new library be built?

Download the new library plans (PDF).  The project was put out to bid in September and awarded to the low bidder in October.  A groundbreaking was held in November.  Construction is expected to begin in 2022. Construction is estimated to take 12-14 months, but the project schedule has not been finalized.

Who is involved?

The new library project is a collaborative effort of dedicated community members including the Village Board and Library Board, Library Building Committee, Campaign Leadership Team, along with community volunteers, supporters, and donors.  The project has benefited from the professional expertise and leadership of OPN Architects, JSD (engineering), Vine Consulting (Owner's Representative), and Baker Street Consulting (fundraising).