Jeanne Carpenter "The vision of a 21st century library located in the heart of Oregon is so exciting. We're building not only an educational monument, but also another third space for our community: a place for community catherings full of thoughtful discussion to move our community forward. It is especially impressive to see the Village and Library Boards, staff, and so many local citizens step forward to volunteer with the library's future. That kind of volunteerism is a testament to what a true change agent a modern library can be for a growing community."
Cynthia DiCamelli "The Oregon Public Library is an important and valuable part of our community. It's so much more than books! Free public wi-fi, access to newspapers and magazines, computers, databases, even language instruction! With storytime programs, crafting programs, and many more resources, our library is a center of lifelong learning."
Randy Glysch "Libraries provide opportunities to explore, to expand our knowledge and transform our minds, and stretch our imaginations, to connect with information. They also provide a place to gather with others in the community."
Bob Head, Owner of Orange Whip Design "A library is more than books, it's a vital community resource that offers something for everyone. As a youth sports coach, and proud board member of Oregon Youth Baseball, I am very excited about the opportunities this new library will create for all of the great kids and families of our community, now, and for generations to come."
Jason Mahnke "I am excited about the plans for the new library here in Oregon. Libraries are of of the places where people from all walks of life in a community come together. In a culture where we are more fragmented, isolated, and harried, a modern library is a place where individuals can truly feel like they're part of a community."
Jenny Nelson "The last two years, i Have had the honor of being on the Library board and supporting the awesome librarians we have in Oregon. We are looking to partner with the Village to be able to create a modern library for the greater Oregon area. I am so excited to be part of creating children and teen spaces that can encourage the same love of reading that I experienced."
Betty Mennenga "I believe education is one of the most important things we do for our children and ourselves.  A library is a very important part of that education.  The resources, events, and stories that we will be able to access in our new library are an awesome treasure."
Dr. Brian Busler "Libraries are one of the most important institutions in a community as they offer open space for learning, thinking, and creativity.  Reading has always been a priority for our family, and we've enjoyed our family trips to the library.  It is truly a place where children of all ages enjoy limitless opportunities for life-long learning."
Alicia Fisher "As an employee of the Oregon Library for over 13 years, I have found that the greatest reward of my work is seeing the role that the library plays in facilitating connections in this community.  It is a place where new parents can connect with one another after storytime and old friends can reconnect with one another in a book club.  Job seekers are connected with valuable resoruces and computer access and crafters are connected with free programs and online craft classes.  Students are connected with books and online databases as well as hands-on programming that enriches understanding of STEAM concepts.  I am proud of the role the library plays in oregon and eagerly anticipate the increased opportunities for connection that our new library wil provide!"
George Hesselberg "To find this, go there.  It seems like such a small thing, but it is the first thing.  Be better, come to the library.  It happens every time I go to the library.  I walk out smarter or happier or both.  Just as the rain falls onthe just and the unjust, so does a library in a free society open its doors and share its treasures.  My support for a new Oregon Public Library is for the best of reasons: Because we have never needed it more."
Laura Dewey "My kids grew up coming to this library!  They have wonderful memories of story times and hand stamps and summer reading programs!  I'm supporting this project so future generations can make memories in a library that will provide space to continue to make everyone feel welcome...and if you go to storytime, get a hand stamp!"
Beth Larimer "The library is my connection to any number of useful resources - from people who can teach me about the history of the area to books that demonstrate origimal technique.  The atmosphere never disappoints - it is always charged with friendliness, positivity and endless possibilities."
Coral Goplin "Having children, one of my great joys has been introducing them to a love of literature and the community that it can build.  Our use of the library has expanded to include storytimes, a variety of kid events and crafts and play spaces.  I hope that this new lbirary buiding can help them continue to discover new perspectives and immerse themselves in other worlds."
Steve Staton: "Our new library will be an excellent place for people to gather and develop relationships that will be an integral part of community cohesiveness and strength.  Our current library has an excellent staff that is dedicated to providing high quality services to library patrons.  Those services will be enhanced in the new library because it will have the space needed to offer state of the art features and areas designed to meet the needs and interests of specific groups.  I applaud the Library Board and the Oregon Village Board for their foresight and leadership in moving forward with the library project."
Dennis Chaptman: "A library in the 21st century is a lot more than a place to store books.  It's a community hub, offering meeting and study spaces and free educational resources to everyone, from toddlers to seniors.  Libraries also play a role in local economies by providing places for telecommuters to work, resoruces for job seekers and information for those creating or improving their businesses."
Mary Statz: " Eat dessert first! Some people live by this philosophy. Others raise their hand to bring dessert rather than a salad to a gathering. Our library has a great collection of cake pans to help you be creative. You are not limited to 9X13 or round cakes! Whether for a special occasion, a gathering of friends or family, a holiday, or simply a day of baking, check out the collection.  I have used bundt pans for baking with a niece, as well as the giant cupcake and Oreo pans for family birthdays. I checked out and shared the Elmo pan for a granddaughter's second birthday."
Michael Perry "Thirty-nine years a bachelor, thenone day I went to the library and met a woman and she married me.  It's so much more than books."