New Library Building Project

The location of the new Oregon Public Library will be at 249 N. Main St. (the former site of the Methodist Church) which the Village has purchased as the home for the new library. In addition, the Village Board has voted to contribute $6 million towards the costs of a new library building.

This page will be updated with information on the building project.

Use the Share Your Thoughts form to ask questions or provide feedback on the building process. Additionally, you can contact Jennifer Endres Way, Library Director, at (608) 835-2322.

Hiring of Architect In Progress

December 2018
We received proposals from a number of highly qualified firms interested in providing architectural services for our new library.  These were carefully reviewed by the Library Board.  Four architectural firms have been selected to be interviewed by members of the Library Board in January.  The contract will need to be approved by both the Village Board and Library Board.  Then we can get started on designing our new library! 

Capital Campaign Recommended

November 2018
A capital campaign to be held over 18 months was recommended by Baker Street Consulting Group as part of a fundraising feasibility study that was completed in November.  The final Feasibility Study Report was presented by the fundraising consultant to the Library Board on November 14 and then to the Oregon Village Board on November 19 in a joint meeting with the Library Board.  At both meetings, the consultant presented an overview of the feasibility study and its conclusions as well as responded to questions.  The Library Board voted to proceed with a capital campaign and set a campaign goal of $4 million in accordance with the recommendations of the feasibility study.

Request for Proposals: Architectural Services

October 2018
The Oregon Public Library Board of Trustees is requesting proposals for architectural services for the development and conceptual design of a new library facility.

The deadline to submit proposals is Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 4:00 PM CST. Please see the Request for Proposals website for complete information.

Thank you for your interest in this project!

Fundraising Feasibility Study

August 2018
We are excited to announce that the Library Board and Village Board have partnered together to conduct a fundraising feasibility study. This is the next important step towards building a new library. The main goal of the study will be to determine both the feasibility of a capital campaign and, if recommended, a capital campaign goal for building the new Oregon Library. It is important that the goal is achievable and practical for our community. At the same time, we also want the goal to allow us to build the best possible new library as it will shape library service to our community into the future.

Baker St. Consulting Group was selected to complete the study with Jim Radford as the lead on our project. They have helped many libraries with capital campaign efforts including the Hedberg Public Library in Janesville and the Central Library in St. Louis. A feasibility study is a valuable information gathering process in which community feedback is obtained on multiple aspects of the project. This feedback will helpful in planning both the new library and the capital campaign. The study is expected to be complete by mid-November.

Memorandum of Understanding Approved

The Library and Village of Oregon are working together to build a new library and have created a memorandum of understanding (MOU) agreement to outline the process.  This agreement was approved by the Library Board on 9/18/18 and the Village Board on 10/01/18.   Agendas, packets, and minutes are available from the Village of Oregon website documenting all activities in developing this agreement.   

Questions from the Village Board to the Library Board

July 2017
Before the anything started on the building project, the Village had questions which the library board responded to. Download the answers to the Village’s questions. (PDF)