Bend Don't Break - Author Visit

Online and Oregon Area Senior Center at 219 Park St.

A learning event for adults. Recording on YouTube.

In Bend Don’t Break: My Son's Survival Weber shares her efforts in keeping her son Austin alive and finding hope. Austin first experienced health issues in 2012 from an allergic reaction to a commonly prescribed medication. A rare, serious disorder ensued, followed by seemingly endless bouts of both mental and physical crises. During her presentation, Weber will share current mental health statistics as well as her journey; including Austin's suicide attempts and her desire to help those struggling with mental and physical health. Her deeply personal book has come to fruition with Austin's cooperation, insight, and blessing.

Cindy Weber, a wife and mother of three, a health and wellness expert, a former classroom teacher, shares her memoir filled with experiences, challenges and solutions to help her son with both physical and mental health struggles. She grew up on a dairy farm outside of Dodgeville, Wisconsin, where she and her ten siblings, with their strict Catholic upbringing, were instilled values and a strong work ethic. However, her solid foundation and life experiences proved little help when it came to addressing the precarious and unfamiliar terrain of both physical and mental illness. Her husband, Art Weber, is from Cuba City and they met while in college at UW-Platteville. They currently split time between McFarland, WI and Scottsdale, AZ.

After the author talk, buy a signed copy of the book. $15 Softback and $25 Hardcover. Payment options accepted: Cash, Check, Zelle, PayPal, Cinergy Fitness, or Venmo.

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