Resources for Adult Caregivers

Download the brochure Resources for Adult Caregivers (PDF) supporting the caregivers of dementia and Alzheimer's patients. 

Books for Caregivers

When Your Parent Becomes Your Child by Ken Abraham
362.196 ABR (book)
CD 362.196 ABR (audiobook)
As he chronicles his own mother's degenerative condition, Ken Abraham educates while offering inspiration to help readers cope.
The 36-Hour Day by Nancy L. Mace
362.1968 MAC
Helps family members and caregivers address challenges and simultaneously helps them cope with their own emotions and needs.
Eldercare 101 by Mary Jo Saavedra
362.63 SAA
A guide for families in need of help as they care for their aging loved ones. 
Creative Care by Anne Davis Basting
616.8 BAS
Applying creativity to treating and interacting with those suffering from dementia.
Dementia Home Care by Tracy Cram Perkins
616.8 PER
Examination of the role of care giver for Alzheimer's/Dementia patients that offers help with making informed decisions.
The Caregiver's Guide to Stroke Recovery by Lucille Jorgensen
616.81 JOR
Includes support about topics such as medications and treatments, financial and legal decisions, and work-life balance.
Creative Engagement by Rachael Wonderlin
616.83 WON
Each activity chapter begins with an overview of how to introduce and implement a specific activity and sections devoted to engagement.
Creating Moments of Joy Along the Alzheimer's Journey by Jolene Brackney
616.831 BRA
includes support about topics such as medications and treatments, financial and legal decisions, and work-life balance.
Keeping Love Alive as Memories Fade by Gary D. Chapman
616.831 CHA
An overview of the love languages and Alzheimer's disease to correlate the love languages with the developments of the stages of AD.
Mom's OK She Just Forgets Evelyn McLay
616.831 MCL
An overview of the love languages and Alzheimer's disease to correlate the love languages with the developments of the stages of AD.
I Am My Mother's Mother by Kelly Maloney
A personal journey of a daughter and her mother from local author Kelly Maloney.
My Two Elaines by Martin J. Schreiber
362.19 SCH
Memoir of Marty Schreiber, former governor of Wisconsin and the journey of providing care for his wife.

Dementia and Alzheimer's

Dementia Essentials by Jan Hall
616.8 HAL
A guide to help you and the person affected navigate the complexities of dementia and Alzheimer's
Dementia Reimagined by Tia Powell
616.8 POW
The cultural and medical history of dementia and Alzheimer's disease by a leading psychiatrist and bioethicist.
When Someone You Know is Living in a Dementia Care Community by Rachael Wonderlin
616.83 WON
Wonderlin explains the different kinds of dementia and details the wide range of care communities available for people.
The Spectrum of Hope by Gayatri Devi
616.83 DEV
Written by a neurologist who's been specializing in dementia and memory loss,  Dr. Devi shares the stories of her patients that offer equal parts practical wisdom and advice.
Mayo Clinic on Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias by Johnathan Graff
616.831 GRA
Comprehensive look at the typical symptoms associated with dementia, current findings regarding common causes of the disease, and gives tips.
The Problem of Alzheimer's by Jason Karlawish
616.831 KAR
Traces Alzheimer's disease from its discovery and tells the story of the biomedical breakthroughs that may allow it to finally be prevented and treated by medicine. 
Travelers to Unimaginable Lands by Dasha Kiper    
616.831 KIP
Compelling case histories meld science and storytelling to illuminate the complex relationship between the mind of someone with dementia and the mind of the person caring for them. 
Dementia by Susan Scarff    
616.831 SCA
Practical advice and emotional support from the patient's diagnosis through final departure. 

Online Resources

Alzheimer’s Association
Leading Alzheimer’s care, support, and research.

ALZ Connected
Free, online community for everyone affected by Alzheimer’s or another dementia.
The federal government portal to information on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias care, research, and support.

Online resources for Wisconsin residents including reliable health information.

Diverse Elders
This website works on connecting marginalized elderly folk and their caregivers with resources.

Forge is a website for trans and non-binary resources. This webpage specifically provides resources on affirming care for elderly Transgender folk and support for their caregivers.

Local Resources

Aging & Disability Resource Center of Dane County (ADRC)
Information about resources and support on all aspects of life related to aging or living with a disability.
Dementia Care Specialist at ADRC
Ellen Taylor
(608) 240-7400
Taylor.Ellen [at] (Taylor[dot]Ellen[at]countyofdane[dot]com) 

Oregon Area Senior Center
Provides support, services, and opportunities for older adults to remain as independent as  long possible. 

  • Free case management services
  • Adult Day Program three mornings each week 

Call (608) 835-5801 for more information.

Oregon Public Library Memory Kits
Memory kits are designed to give a caregiver an opportunity to engage in conversation about life experiences.

Wisconsin’s Family Caregiver Support Program
Wisconsin's Family Caregiver Support Program provides information and assistance to help people better care for their loved ones – and themselves.