Library Policies, Guidelines & Procedures

Bulletin Board Policy (Amended May 2014)

Circulation Policy (Amended June 2019)

Code of Conduct Policy (Amended August 2013)

Collection Development Policy (Amended April 2018)

Emergency Closing Policy (Amended April 2017)

Exhibit Policy and Release form (Adopted April 2010)

Fines and Fees (Effective June 1, 2019)

Fundraising and Solicitation Policy (Adopted May 2012)

Gift Acceptance Policy (Amended February 2019)

Homebound Policy (Adopted May 2018)

Internet and Computer Policy (Amended September 2016)

Outerlibrary Loan Policy (Amended October 2018)

Photography and Filming Policy (Adopted July 2016)

Proctoring Policy (Amended April 2012)

Request for Library Material Reconsideration Form (Adopted 2010)

Social Media Policy (Adopted July 2011)

Sponsorship Policy

Sue Ames Meeting Room Policy (Amended October 2019)

Volunteer Policy (Amended May 2013)