Cake Pan Collection

Novelty cake pans are often used once and then discarded. Borrow one of our cake pans instead of buying one! If you have novelty cake pans lying around the house, please consider donating them!

For easiest metal cake pan cleaning, using Baker's Joy or a generic version of Baker's Joy. Available at any grocery store's baking aisle.

Each cake pan in our collection can be checked out for 14 days. Recipes come with most cake pans.

blossom bundt panAvailable Cake Pans

  • Balloon Cake Pan
  • Blossom Bundt Pan
  • Blues Clues Pan
  • Bugs Pan
  • Bunny Cake Pan
  • Castle Pan
  • Checkerboard Cake Pan
  • Dinosaur Cake Pan
  • Doctor Who Molds (Silicone)
  • pull apart cinnamon bunDonut Hole Pan
  • Elephant Pan
  • Gift Cakelets Pan
  • Gingerbread Cake Pan
  • Great Cupcake Pan
  • Halloween Cookie Pan
  • Heritage Bundt Pan
  • Lego Cake Pan
  • Lego Molds (Silicone)
  • Mini Bundt Pan
  • Mini Donut Pan
  • Mini Tea Cake Pan
  • Pull Apart Cake Pan
  • Sandwich Cookies Pan
  • Sesame Street Pan
  • Springform Pans
  • Star Cake Pan
  • Star Wars Darth Vader Cake Pan
  • Teddy Bear Cake Pan
  • Tiered Cakelet Pan
  • Train Set Pan
  • Vaulted Dome Cake Pan
  • Whoopie Pie Pan