Cake Pan Collection

Novelty cake pans are often used once and then discarded. Borrow one of our cake pans instead of buying one! Our cake pans are a part of our Eureka! Collection, located next to Adult Non-Fiction.

Each cake pan can be checked out for 14 days.

blossom bundt panAvailable Cake Pans

For easiest metal cake pan cleaning, using Baker's Joy or a generic version of Baker's Joy available at any grocery store's baking aisle.

  • 3D Christmas Tree Pan
  • 3D Great Pumpkin Pan
  • 3D Snowman Pan
  • Balloon Cake Pan
  • Blossom Bundt Pan
  • Blues Clues Pan
  • Bugs Pan
  • Bunny Cake Pan
  • Castle Pan
  • Checkerboard Cake Pan
  • Dinosaur Cake Pan
  • Doctor Who Molds (Silicone)
  • pull apart cinnamon bunDonut Hole Pan
  • Elephant Pan
  • Gift Cakelets Pan
  • Gingerbread House Duet Pan
  • Great Cupcake Pan
  • Halloween Cookie Pan
  • Heritage Bundt Pan
  • Holiday Mini Loaves Pan
  • Holiday Wreath Pan
  • Lego Cake Pan
  • Lego Molds (Silicone)
  • Little Pirate Pan
  • Mini Bundt Pan
  • Mini Donut Pan
  • Mini Ghost and Pumpkins Pan
  • Mini Tea Cake Pan
  • Noel Candle Pan
  • Pull Apart Cake Pan
  • Pumpkin Loaf Pan
  • Precious Pony Pan
  • Sandwich Cookies Pan
  • Sesame Street Pan
  • Springform Pans
  • Star Cake Pan
  • Star Wars Darth Vader Cake Pan
  • Stork Express Pan
  • Teddy Bear Cake Pan
  • Tiered Cakelet Pan
  • Train Set Pan
  • Treeliteful Pan
  • Vaulted Dome Cake Pan
  • Whoopie Pie Pan