Cake Pans

Cake pans in the Eureka collection

Novelty cake pans are often used once and then discarded. Borrow one of our cake pans instead of buying one! Our cake pans are a part of our Eureka! Collection, located next to the Makerspace and Teen area.

Each cake pan can be checked out for 14 days.

Available Cake Pans

For easiest metal cake pan cleaning, using Baker's Joy or a generic version of Baker's Joy available at any grocery store's baking aisle.

Download information on all our cake pans! (PDF)

General Baking 

12 Inch Square
4-Tier Round Cake Pan Set
12 Inch Square
9x13 Fillable Sheet Pan
Angel Food Cake Pan
Assorted Cookie Cutters
Blossom Bundt Pan
Bundt Pan
Checkerboard Cake Pan
Cookie Pop Pans
Cupcake Cake Pan
Donut Hole Pan
Festival Bundt Muffin Pan
Gift Cakelets Pan
Gourmet Bowl Maker Pan
Great Cupcake Pan
Heritage Bundt Pan
Mini Bundt Pan
Mini Donut Pan
Mini Tea Cake Pan
Pull Apart Cake Pan
Round Cake Pans
Sandwich Cookies Pan
Springform Pans
Tiered Cakelet Pan
Vaulted Dome Cake Pan
Whoopie Pie Pan


Blues Clues Pan
Celebration Barbie/Princess Barbie
Disney Princess Ariel Pan
Doctor Who Molds
Lego Cake Pan
Lego Molds
Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Red Barron Snoopy Flying Ace Pan
Sesame Street Elmo Pan
Sesame Street Pan
Star Wars Cake Pan
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Count Cake Pan
Tweety Bird
Winnie The Pooh Cake Pan
Winnie The Pooh Giant Cookie Pan


3-D Sports Ball Cake Pan
Balloon Cake Pan
Car Cakes Pan
Carousel Horse
Castle Pan
Golf Bag
Golf Tee
Good Cheer Mug
Horseshoe Pan
Kitty Cat Pan
Little Pirate Pan
Mini Bears Pan
Monkey Pan
Party Hat
Precious Pony Pan
Proud Graduate Cake Pan
Puppy Cakes Cake Pan
Race Car
Rocking Horse Pan
Skate Cake Pan
Smiley Grad Cake Pan
Soccer Ball Cake Pan
Star Cake Pan
Star Cake Pan
Stork Express Pan
Storybook Cake Pan
Teddy Bear Cake Pan
Trail Rider Pan
Train Set Pan


3D Bunny Cake
Bugs Pan
Bunny Cake Pan
Bunny With Basket Cake Pan
Egg Minicake Pan
Flower Pot Cake Pan
Flower Power
Mini Decorated Egg Pan
Roses and Leaves Molds
Shamrock Pan


3D Christmas Tree Pan
3D Great Pumpkin Pan
3D Santa
3D Vintage Santa Claus
Assorted Christmas Cookie Cutter
Bite-Size Gingerbread Pan
Boo Ghost Pan
Gingerbread House Duet Pan
Halloween Cookie Pan
Heart Pan
Heart Quartet
Holiday Mini Loaves Pan
Holiday Tree Pan
Mini 4 Christmas Tree Pan
Mini Ghost and Pumpkins Pan
Mini Snowmen Pan
Mini Snowmen Pan
Mini-Tier Heart Cake
Noel Candle Pan
Pumpkin Loaf Pan
Santa's Treasures Cake Pan
Snow Flake Pan
Snowman and Gingerbreadman Molds
Snowman Pan
Treeliteful Pan
Wreath Cake Pan